Traffik (2018)

As expected, the purpose of this movie is to serve the needs of the public. Although there were a lot of plots that audience might not able to understand, it’s based on a true story to make us aware the seriousness human trafficking. Therefore, I won’t be so harsh on it, and will only make a little bit judgement.

First of all, the female lead character is really pretty, and she is looking good with a blush. She looks like Jennifer Lopez, also a bit like Halle Berry. She has a great body, which is eye-pleasing in some adult scenes. Unfortunately, her spoken line that was so poorly delivered, so vague that I couldn’t hear what she was saying, affected her performance. Moreover, she doesn’t have the ability to deliver lines properly, although she was in the emotional mood in the movie, she had to speak out clearly. That makes me keep asking myself, “Huh? What she is talking about” Secondly, the performance traces are too heavy, the camera loved to shoot her distorted facial expressions; however, she did not really shed tears, that didn’t move the audience at all. And then she did not act as a reporter, isn’t she experience the life reporter prior shooting? In my impression, a reporter should have a high sensitivity to news, pay attention to details, and be curious about what happens around her. bout what is happening around him, but there were a lot of strange things that took place in the gas station bathroom, she did not even say a word. Aren’t you afraid of being drugged when buying a drink in a remote village and then leave it on the check-out to go to the toilet? If you don’t take your bag with you to the bathroom, just leave it in the sink. Aren’t you afraid it will be taken by someone else? All kinds of details make the characterization less than fleshed out. Moreover, some of the plots are not well compacted.

Some of the plots were pretty predictable:

1. The sheriff at the gas station was suspicious.

2. The protagonist’s boyfriend will never succeed in proposing marriage.

3. the protagonist’s female friend will sure to be arrested when she went out.

4, the protagonist will always be safe and sound regardless any dangerous situation.

I’d summarise those plots that I couldn’t understand: It didn’t arise any suspicion that the local female sheriff who knowingly broke the law, burglary, and ganged up with criminals to kidnap so many women, which is a little too strange. Why did the sheriff do it? Won’t her conscience hurt? The movie doesn’t explain the reason at all. The female victim who escaped at the brining of the movie is likely to have gone through a similar experience to the female lead character, according to the final scene of the movie, but how did she get the phone full of incriminating evidence? From what she said before she died was that she was trying to impress the kidnappers, trying to change from victim to perpetrator? The minor character was also a strange one. He witnessed that woman killed on the spot and still having the courage to negotiate with them. Fight 4 men by himself, who on earth gave him the courage? The male and female lead characters fleeing for their lives into the home of an old man, they know that the bandits kill without hesitation, but still drag the old man into this. The old man was not suspicious at all when saw such two strangers in the middle of nowhere who covered in wounds and choose to believe them. That a strange logic. A bit of inspiration: be eager to learn, be defensive, and exercise well. Now when I run, I even imagine I’m running for my life, and I will really have more energy!

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