Identity 2003 Movie Analysis

This is a movie that really suits my taste, also known as a suspenseful film with a touch of horror.

Let’s talk about movies, of course, it is an old one from 2003, which many of you may have seen. The story takes place on a rainy night, It opens with a psychiatrist’s interview with a serial killer. After analyzing the interview, the doctor believes that this is a typical case of split personality, and should not be executed prisoners, so he watches the hearing overnight, hoping to prevent the next day’s execution.

The story begins all over again at a motel in the middle of the desert. A husband rushes into the motel seeking help for his injured wife, who has been seriously injured in a car accident.

Back before the accident, because of a series of coincidences led to the accident, the film began to tell the story from the perspectives of each person. As a series of coincidences led to the subsequent events, 10 people were trapped in the motel by the heavy rain and flood. Due to the heroine’s driving carelessly, and she crashed into the broken phone wires pole, there is no cell phone signal on a rainy day, so all external contact was cut off. A typical, from the detective film point of view of the closed environment constituted. Then there are the dead.

Of course, only one out of 10 people will survive in this environment, but each person will have a very strange story, including bizarre justice. However, this is not the feature of this film.

If speaking from the ending of the movie backwards, in the middle of the file will reveal a mystery. In fact, these 10 people are not real, their names are American place names, their birthdays are May 10, and they are trapped in a place called mass graves. This is not a coincidence, but the story begins with the split personality of the murderer’s 10 personalities, in which the only one is guilty, the others are Innocent. But because of the psychiatrist’s treatment, the 10 personalities had to face each other and merge, and eventually, only one personality will remain. The guilty personality, at this time, starts to hunt the others in the psychological world.

So when each personality dies, he has a number on his body, which represents his code name.

At the end when people all thought that the real killer and ED played by John Cusack died together, the real killer just appeared. The end of the movie reveals how he planned to kill everyone, and how he exploited our common sense blind spots. And in the real world, this same criminal personality took the lives of the psychiatrists and police officers who escorted him to the state sanatorium.

I was a little depressed by watching this film. In addition to solving the lack of exciting plots, and I have learned that this is a story about multiple personalities before watching, the ending is actually easy to guess. Just particularly like ED the character’s lines in it.

He used to be a police officer, when trying to save a woman of Mexican descent who committed suicide, the woman asked him a question, “Do you think there is any point of living?”

Generally, police officers are specially trained to say, there is family, there are friends, and so on. But the cop hesitated for a second at that moment.

Just for a second, that person looked out and jumped off the building. When you think about it, if you ask yourself the same question, I can’t answer it either.

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