‘Off The Beaten Track’ is the documentary that tells the incredible story of four unlikely musicians over the past year, as they travel to the likes of Luanda, Caracas, Paris, India, London and the Lisbon suburb of Amadora to show how these cities, as well as their sounds, people, colors and movement helped to create the phenomenon that is Buraka Som Sistema. With the full support of Red Bull Music Academy and the talented illustration work of artist Kate Moross, join Lisbon’s most unlikely band on a trip around the world and back to the studio, as they bring their experiences home to start laying down the first beats of the next Buraka album.




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The standard Red Bull Channels Player.


DATE Thursday 10 October 2013 CITY London, United Kingdom VENUE Village Underground

DATE Tuesday 15 October 2013 CITY Berlin, Germany VENUE  Lido

DATE Thursday 17 October 2013 CITY Paris, France VENUE Le Maroquenerie

DATE Friday 18 October 2013 CITY  Amsterdam, Netherlands VENUE ADE

DATE Saturday 19 October 2013 CITY Leuven, Belgium VENUE Depot

DATE Wednesday 13 November 2013 CITY Copenhagen, Denmark VENUE Pumpehuset

DATE Friday 22 November 2013 CITY Lisbon, Portugal VENUE Aula Magna

DATE Sunday 8 December 2013 CITY São Paulo, Brazil VENUE SIM Festival

DATE Saturday 15 February 2014 CITY  Luanda, Angola VENUE Lookal Ocean Club

DATE Friday 7 March 2014 CITY Amsterdam, Netherlands VENUE Melkweg

DATE Friday 7 March 2014 CITY  Tampere, Finland VENUE Tampere Film Festival

DATE Sunday 26 April 2014 CITY  Nairobi, Kenya VENUE Goethe Institute

DATE Friday 9 May 2014 CITY  Warsaw, Poland VENUE Festival Planet Doc Kinoteka

DATE Thursday 12 June 2014 CITY  Barcelona, Spain VENUE Sonar

DATE Friday 27 June 2014 CITY  Novi Sad, Serbia VENUE Cinema City International Flm Festival

DATE Saturday 28 June 2014 CITY  Novi Sad, Serbia VENUE Cinema City International Flm Festival



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